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What Makes Men Want to Commit – How to Get Your Guy More Serious About You

What makes men want to commit? Many women are dying to know the answer to this all important question. Why is it that when you meet a wonderful man and fall madly in love with him, he happens to be the one who is anxious or uneasy about taking the relationship to the next level? Yet many men are quick to jump all over the idea of a commitment. The answer is a little surprising. The key to getting a man to commit has a lot more to do with you than you may realize. There are certain qualities in women that make them utterly irresistible to men. If you can bring out these qualities in yourself, your guy will be ready, willing and able to commit to you.

When it comes to the question of what makes men want to commit one answer has to do with their freedom. Many men have this idea that once they commit to a particular woman, they’ll lose their own identity. They imagine night after night spent at home with her and little time left for their friends or hobbies. If you want to get your guy to commit to you show him that you don’t want to steal his life away from him. If he feels that you’re content with your life the way it is and you have no interest in making him give up his friendships to spend time with you, he’ll be that much more inclined to commit. The key is to make certain that your guy knows that your goal is for the relationship you two share to enrich both your lives, not overtake them.

Another reason why men want to commit is they feel they’ve found someone who will be their number one supporter regardless of what happens in the future. Men crave to be with women who view them as special. He wants to feel that you love him more than anyone else and that you accept him just as he is. Don’t try and change anything about him if you want to make him commit to a more serious and long lasting relationship with you. He wants to know that you understand everything about him so show him, each and every day that you do.

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