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How to Make Animals With Crafts

    Thanksgiving Turkey

    • 1). Cut out five colored construction paper feathers with scissors. The feathers should be about six inches long and the shape will look like an elongated oval. Cut out a red wattle in the shape of a large almond with red construction paper.

    • 2). Roll a small piece of clay, approximately the size of a large grape. Place it underneath your pine cone to stabilize it so it stands straight when placed on the table lengthwise.

    • 3). Glue the paper feathers to the widest side of the pine cone. This will be the tail of the turkey.

    • 4). Insert a glue stick into the back of your hot glue gun. Be sure to push it through the hole as far as possible towards the front, where the metal tip is. Plug it in and set it at high. Wait approximately 10 minutes to let it warm up before using.

    • 5). Hot glue the acorn to the opposite end of the pine cone from the tail for the head. Hot glue the plastic eyes to the acorn. Glue on the red wattle underneath the eyes on the acorn.

    Egg Carton Animals

    • 1). Rinse out an egg carton under the faucet and allow it to dry before starting your craft project.

    • 2). Cut out a section of five cups from your egg carton with scissors. This will be the body for a caterpillar. You may use less or more cups to make a shorter or longer insect.

    • 3). Poke two holes on the first or last cup of your cut section to create a place for the antennae. Insert a pipe cleaner through the holes for the antennae.

    • 4). Paint your caterpillar green with a paintbrush. Allow it to dry and use a black marker to draw two eyes and a mouth.

    • 5). Cut out one cup from an egg carton to make a spider.

    • 6). Turn over the cup so it is upside-down. Paint it brown with a paintbrush and allow it to completely dry before the next step.

    • 7). Poke eight holes, with the point of a pair of scissors, in total at the base of the cup. You should poke four holes on each side for the legs. Insert pipe cleaners through the holes from one side of the cup to the other side to make spider legs.

    • 8). Draw a face with black marker on your egg carton spider.

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