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Why is it that some people do not fall for cults or join gangs even though they are around them all the time? More than one person has asked them selves; "How come these people do not get reeled in to that cult-like atmosphere when they're surrounded by it.
" Recently in an online question and answer session that exact question was posed to a think tanker.
Well I never do.
But, it could have something to do with inner will, genetics, heartbeat rates, biorhythms and personal bio-system memory of how you use the chemicals within.
Could inner will block the chemicals from being released that set the bio-system and allow it open for input of cults? Could be.
I would say that people do not realize this, but you can will your body to do anything you want it to.
Those in sports do it on a regular basis.
Some ask; "Maybe it depends a person's psyche, how deep they can go into their thoughts?" or "Or how wide of a perspective one person has? I don't know.
Its more complex than we might think.
" Indeed good point, but that complexity comes from simplicity remember 2+2=4.
So lets say you have 15-20 systems of your bio-system all simple in themselves running, then each affects each other along with your observations, experience, chemicals from food intake and your genetics which produce them and your set-up (genetic make up) of organs from past period ancestry.
So it appears to be a very complex thing and therefore hard to determine who might be most apt to joining a cult and who can hang around a cult and never fall for any of it? Yet it may not be so complicated if we work backwards you see.
Consider this in 2006.

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