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Make Money Online With a Neighborhood Bulletin Board

If you ever were thinking how you could make money online, one great method is the creation of a neighborhood bulletin board.
The greatest example of this has been the global craze known as Craigslist.
While Craigslist is a free site, there are many similar sites that do earn the creators money through fees for use and advertising dollars.
You could be the first in your community to put up a great bulletin board, or even if there is one in your community, you could establish one that is bigger, better, and greater than the old one.
All you have to do is come up with the right ideas to make it great.
Having the ability to have a local board with people having the ability to post ads and search ads with a lot of freedom and at minimal cost is a great idea to make money online.
It plays into the old laundry facility bulletin board where people have everything from a lost puppy poster to roommates wanted.
Having this capability online could be a great tool, especially if your town is not in a large metro area that has many of these types of things going on.
But, even in a big city, you can establish a board that is specialized for a specific neighborhood, or specific segment of the population.
While the big sites are very general, specified sites could be a great asset for those segments of the population that feel left out or would like to find certain things within a specific community.
This could enable you to make money online through these narrower driven sites.
Many people are so drawn to the big sites that they only need to se an alternative site to potentially be more apt to try it out.
Just as the two big political parties disenfranchise many people, some people would love to break away from the gigantic sites everyone else is using.
People that want to make money online using bulletin boards should ultimately look into finding their niche with a very specific and specialized site.
There are so many angles to take with this venture that not all of them have been tapped into yet, though if you wait too long you may miss out on the opportunity.
Don't let a good idea go to waste, and get started on it today.

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