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How to Become a Foster Parent in Iowa

    • 1). Contact the Iowa KidsNet at 800-243-0756 to request an informational packet. This packet will answer basic questions about what is expected of a foster parent and the application process.

    • 2). Attend an informational session in your area (See Resources). More in-depth information will be presented at the session and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the process.

    • 3). Complete PS-MAPP training. The PS-MAPP training sessions are completed over the span of 10 weeks with one, three-hour session per week. The training is intended to give you the skills you will need to be an effective foster parent and work with children that have come from less than ideal family conditions.

    • 4). Cooperate with a home study. A social worker will visit you and your family in your home environment to assure that your home is a safe and nurturing place for a foster child.

    • 5). Receive your foster parent license. Once you have completed all the required training and have received a positive home study report, you will receive your foster parent license. Once licensed, you will be matched with a waiting child.

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