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Can You Manage Your Own Office Move?

It probably goes without saying that when you are moving office there is going to be a lot to organize.
Perhaps, if you are a one-person business, then the overheads of organizing it might be something you can accommodate within your normal daily business routine.
After all, there may be not much else you can do about it anyway! Even if you are a very small enterprise with perhaps up to five or 10 employees, the overheads of doing your normal daily job and organizing your office move might be something that you can cope with.
In situations though where you are a small to medium sized enterprise then you may start to find that the overall planning and management of your move becomes impossible for you to deal with alone.
After all, under normal circumstances you are probably already run off your feet trying to cope with your work load on a day-to-day basis, so where are you going to find all that extra time from to suddenly start to manage your move and even your relocation service providers? Don't underestimate the effort The first mistake often seen in office moves is that the person 'at the top' somehow assumes they will be able to cope with all of the work involved in addition to their normal daily activities.
That arises because the sheer amount of planning and management involved in a successful office move is often hugely underestimated.
As any professional office removals company will tell you, there's an awful lot to be done and while they can do a lot of it for you, you're going to have to do some for yourself.
The effects of this underestimating are usually that something, somewhere, suffers.
Perhaps your normal daily work will begin to slip or you will have things being overlooked in terms of your removals planning.
So, right at the outset, think seriously about whether you can possibly undertake this yourself.
Appoint a removals manager The top tip here is at the outset, take a step back and as the business owner or chief executive, recognise that your role has to be one of review and signoff rather than doing the detail of the work.
To help you achieve that, select someone in your company who is responsible and who has some degree of planning and supervisory or management experience.
Give them the outline parameters of what needs to be done and then allow them to take it to conclusion including all planning and communications etc.
If you don't have a suitable employee, consider taking on a part-time contractor with appropriate experience to help.
By all means make sure you get regular progress reports but do not try and micro-manage what they are doing because if you start doing so, you should probably question why you have bothered to ask them to do the job in the first place.
If you have selected a highly professional removals company, they will work closely with your appointed manager or coordinator and provide him or her with all the support they need.
Sometimes 'letting go' of any business activity and allowing someone to do it under your direction is a challenge.
There may be a temptation to always think that nobody could do it as well as you can yourself.
However, try to resist such temptations in the case of planning and managing your office moves.
It will pay dividends in the long run.

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