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Bass have been known to eat pray up to half their own length in size but must be narrower than the fishes own mouth.
Bass will jump quickly at anything they think they can eat but can just as easily spit food out that they don't like and for this reason you must have the correct fly with the hook in the right position to help catch the fish.
Some of the best flies to fish with are listed below.
Swimming Frog.
The swimming frog as the name implies is made to imitate the frog as it swims across the water.
These flies which are mainly green work well where there are often lots of frogs around naturally and are made of deer hair.
Matuka Sculpin.
These flies are used to catch fish in streams or waters with weeds in available in olive and sometimes a gold colour they need to sink quite quickly as the fish eat these flies on or around the bottom.
Deer Hair Popper.
Sometimes known as the original fishing flies as years ago native Americans put together feathers and hair to make a fishing fly to attract the bass.
The fly is meant to imitate a bug caught on the surface of the water and attract the fish which are a few feet below the surface of the water.
The best time to fish for bass is when the water temperature is just right, usually around 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
With the right weather, tackle and some luck you will have a very enjoyable day.
Fly fishing can be fun in the right company.
You can see who can catch the biggest fish, the most different sorts of fish or just relax on your own for an afternoon.
With friends you can find out different tips, tricks and techniques which work for different people and different fish.

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