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Where To Find A Lover

There's a saying which goes like this: You won't find a vegetarian in a butcher's shop! Of if you do, it's a highly unlikely event, and they're not going to be in a happy state of mind anyway, due to the heavy smell of death hanging in the air.
So to extrapolate in a positive way from that idea, if you like gymnastics, go where you can watch gymnastics, and other people who like gymnastics will be there.
If you like swimming, go and have a swim, and you'll be likely to meet other people who like swimming.
Ditto for virtually any activity or endeavour of study you can think of.
That's why, logically, people most often meet other people for successful future relationships at work, college, university, through friends, or sharing a mutual activity.
First you need to think about what you like to do.
Are you interested in food, in songs, in dancing, in sports, in reading? You need to choose an activity to get involved in, and that's where you're most likely going to find a kindred soul.
Makes sense, doesn't it? But are you putting this wisdom into practice? They say that most people meet their long-term partners at work or through an activity associated with work.
Let's face it, you spend a lot of your adult life at work...
just as you spent a lot of your childhood at school.
Following extensive research by all kinds of social survey institutions, the statistics seem to bear out the variation on the truism that 'People who work together stay together.
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