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  1. Trading the Car Keys for a Bus Pass

    The light turns red and traffic stops. A mother eases her baby's stroller off the curb and starts across. Without warning, a stopped car roars to life and leaps into the intersection, missing her infant by a hair. The shaken mother confronts the driver, a woman in her 80s, who is crying and in shock
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  2. Water Exercise for Seniors

    Blah and old. That's how Patricia Culbert of Waterbury, Conn., felt about herself at 58. "I thought, 'This is it, it's over. I'm done, and I'm not doing any more,'" she says. The substitute high school teacher yearned for the energy of her youth, and thought that if she could only get herself to wor
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  3. The Secrets of Aging Well.

    If fighting off Father Time by deflating your cholesterol count and stress levels is tucked somewhere in the back of your mind, maybe you should keep it there. With a longer, healthier life as a goal, perhaps you should be turning more of your attention to making friends, waging war on your waistlin
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  4. Walking Gives Older Women a Mental Boost

    -->Three times a week, 80-year-old Sue Lewis puts on her tennis shoes and goes for a brisk walk around her neighborhood running track. But she doesn't just walk around it once or twice. Ten laps doesn't stop her -- and after 15 laps, you can bet she's still moving. In fact, Lewis has been known to w
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  5. Conquering Fear of Falling

    Feb. 18, 2002 -- Falling down isn't what it used to be. Remember slipping and sliding as a kid? Afterward, you'd jump up, pretending you weren't hurt. And a cast was good for autographs and bragging rights. But even a minor fall can make older adults overly cautious. Various surveys show that 40% to
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  6. Too Old to Parent?

    Dec. 3, 2001 -- Grace Pipkin says she was trained in the Firefighter School of Mothering -- "ready, willing, always there." While her three daughters were young, that philosophy served the family well. But once they were grown, with careers of their own, Grace expected to refocus her energies on som
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  7. The Facts and Fiction of Cloning

    Cloning. More than ever, the word stirs emotion and triggers debate, as what was once science fiction becomes scientific fact. Just what are researchers working on and why? Do we have anything to gain, or to lose, from their continued efforts? For the first time, researchers have successfully cloned
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  8. Assessing an Older Driver

    Nov. 21, 2001 -- How can you determine if an elderly driver is no longer safe behind the wheel? The American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety offers these guidelines: Does the driver have difficulty working the pedals or turning his or her head fully to check blind spots when cha
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  9. Caring for the Caregiver

    Nov. 5, 2001 - Vivian Ames knows too well how life can turn upside down. She was single, in her 30s, living and working in San Francisco. Her folks were in San Diego, hundreds of miles away. She was their only child; they were "older" when she was born. And as they aged -- as their health deteriorat
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  10. Growing Older, Staying Strong.

    Oct. 29, 2001 -- Yetta H. Appel, DSW, has been through treatment for colon cancer, a broken leg, and cataract surgery. She nursed her husband, Hy, through Parkinson's disease until his death. None of these recent events kept her from celebrating her 78th birthday in Lithuania, during a trip to honor
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