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How to Really Turn a Woman On

Let's face it; no matter how much you think you understand women, they are a straight up mystery most of the time.
One minute they want one thing and the next minute they have completely changed their mind.
Yet, if you understand how to turn a woman on you will never have to worry about understanding them and getting them to do what you want.
Men and women see the world in completely different ways.
Something that means absolutely nothing to you could be an insult that cuts a woman to the quick.
The smallest slight can easily turn a happy woman into your biggest enemy.
Conversely, the smallest gesture of romance or niceness can equate to disproportionate feelings of attractiveness and emotional bonding.
Studies have shown that women are in fact 16 times more emotional about stuff than we men are.
Armed with this knowledge, you can now see how doing things based on how you perceive the world simply won't work when it comes to women.
While it may seem like nonsense and silly to you, using this information to your advantage will help you learn how to really turn a woman on.
Doing small things to create an emotional response in her is very easy.
Wearing her favorite cologne, sending her a quick text message or dressing up for a date (without being asked) will show her that you are thinking about her.
As she becomes more confident in your feelings for her, she will be more attracted to you.
You can easily play their heightened emotional states against them and reap the benefits all the way to the bedroom.
Women are especially sensitive to words.
Thus, saying the right thing can make a world of difference in her opinion about you.
Writing her love letters, poems or even quick little messages will also have a giant effect on her attraction to you.
Use the effect of words on your woman with brutal efficiency to increase her opinion of you.
Conversely, if she thinks she is too good for you or that the power is all hers, you can deliver some well timed digs on her that will shake her confidence to the core and keep her wondering about you.
While dishing out sappy words is one way to make a woman attracted to you, don't take things too far and come off insincere or phony.
Women have been hit on since they began puberty, so they have great BS detectors.
Be genuine but make sure to play on her emotions and you'll get a lot father than most guys.
Smells are also a big factor in attracting a woman.
Make yourself smell as clean as possible while still smelling manly.
Cologne, body wash and even deodorant can make a woman find you much more attractive.
Don't drop the ball though by stopping with your body.
Make sure your car, house, clothes and everything else she could associate with you smells great.
This will leave a huge impression in her mind about you.
Women are very emotional, and while this can be infinitely frustrating, you can also use it to your advantage.
If you're trying to figure out how to really turn a woman on, all you need to do is approach the situation from a logical and scientific point of view, armed with the above knowledge.
Know what you're up against and you steer her in any direction you want her to go.

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