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How to Build a Dog House With a Plan


    • 1). Create a plan. Draw up a plan for your dog house or download a pre-designed plan from the Internet. Calculate the dimensions for your dog house based on the size of your dog--and/or the number of dogs that will use the house. A good rule of thumb to determine the size is to measure your dog's height and length and add a minimum of two feet to those dimensions. The more careful and detailed you are at this stage, the more successful the project will be.

    • 2). Purchase supplies. When purchasing wood, make sure it is strong and durable, such as oak or pine. Avoid choosing materials that are less weather resistant, such as certain plywoods or particle board. The thicker the wood you select, the more insulation it will provide in colder climates, and the more inclement weather it can withstand. Your dog's house should be first and foremost a shelter.

    • 3). Prepare supplies. Find a place in your yard or garage with plenty of cleared surface area where you can work. Double check the supplies you purchased will work for your plan, i.e., nails are long enough to penetrate and secure the wood. Finally, take proper safety precautions before you begin construction, such as making sure your pet and any small children cannot get in the way and that you have the necessary safety equipment for the job.


    • 1). Measure the base, walls and roof pieces of your dog house, according to the dimensions of your plan, using a tape measure and level. Keep in mind that a pitched or slanted roof will require adjustments to the walls. Use the electric hand saw to cut wood pieces to size, and cut out holes for a door. Thoroughly sand the wood to minimize splintering. If the wood is pretreated, make sure you sand only those edges you cut with the saw to maintain the finish.

    • 2). Assemble the walls of your dog house, creating a large box. A good rule of thumb is to use one nail every 4 to 6 inches to secure the pieces together. Flip the structure upside down so that the bottom opening of your door is now face up.

    • 3). Cut carpeting to the dimensions of your dog house floor. Leave enough edge to accommodate the thickness of your walls--if your walls are 1-inch thick, for example, leave a 1-inch border around the carpet. Attach carpeting to the base of your dog house. Note: You can opt to use a removable rug instead of carpeting. However, as your dog goes in and out the rug may not stay in place. And if he is a chewer, he is more likely to chew on a loose rug than a secured carpet.

    • 4). With the wall structure still upside down, attach the base of your dog house. Once assembled, turn the dog house over so the base is face down. Attach the roof of your dog house. You may choose to make a pitched roof (traditional triangular shape), or a slanted or flat roof.

    • 5). Once the house is assembled, you may opt to paint or stain it. You also can add features, such as a porch area, a hook and chain for restraint or decorative elements as desired.

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