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Storyline Picture Collage Ideas

    "Life" Collage

    • Tell the story of your life using the Milton Bradley Company's game Life. Get a game board and make a color photo copy of it. You may need to do one section at a time if you are working on a home computer. Just piece the sections together so you have a complete game board.

      Take a circle template. Lay it over the board. Look for significant spots on the game board, such as the squares for graduation, marriage, career, birth of child or buying a house. Place your circle template near the appropriate spot on the game and trace the circle. Cut out the circles. Place your photos so that they show through the circles. Draw an arrow with a black Sharpie from your photo to the spot on the game.

      If you are handy with Photoshop, you can scan the game board and make changes to some of the spots along the way to correspond with your own life's events. The eye will follow the pictures along the game board trail.

    Film Strip Collage

    • Film Strip Collage

      Put a series of events in a "film strip" for a great collage. Film strips are easy to make, and you can make them whatever size you want. You can use one long, large film strip along a wall, or you can make several smaller strips to fit across a picture frame or scrapbook page.

      To make a film strip, you will need black paper. Cut it into the length you desire. Use a rectangular template to make a row of rectangles along the strip. These should be slightly smaller than the actual size of the photos you plan to use. Use wallet-sized photos for small strips.

      Cut out the rectangles. Use a paper punch to create a row evenly spaced of holes along each side of the film strip. Arrange your photos in the order that you want them. Glue the film strip frame onto the photos. You can then glue the strip onto a piece of cardstock to place it in your scrapbook or frame it to hang on your wall.

    Circular Layout Collage

    • Pizza night collage

      When you arrange photos in a circle, the eye naturally begins at the top and works its way around clockwise. Start with an attractive piece of cardstock. On the back of it, trace a large circle as a guide. Divide the circle into even sections so you will know where each photo is going. Cut out sections for your photographs. These can be circles, squares, rectangles or whatever creative shapes you can dream up. Place a photo in each section in the order you want the events to appear, starting at the top (12 o'clock area) of the circle.

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