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Fit Over 40 - How You Can Be Brimming With Health and Full of Vim and Vigor After Age Forty

Reaching 40 doesn't have to be the start to a downhill road with regard to your health. You can still be full of vim and vigor and remain fit over 40 if you follow some simple rules.

Getting Good Nutrition

It goes without saying that getting good nutrition is the primary factor in keeping yourself healthy once you've reached the big four O. Your body loses it's stamina because you're gradually aging. So you've got to replace your lost energy with foods that will perk you up. This means sticking to a strict diet of good nutrition. Get your vegetables, grains and leans meats in the right portions. Don't go overboard with the carbohydrates. And throw out those beer cans in the fridge that you normally have while watching the ball game on TV. No more sodas, pizzas and fries either. In fact, you have to stop eating just about everything that's not nutritious so you can be fit over 40.

Start Exercising Seriously

You're likely to feel sluggish and tired if you don't start exercising in your forties. You can't remain sedentary and hope to be fighting fit in middle age. You have to put on your jogging shoes and hit the road for at least fifteen minutes three times a week. If you can't manage jogging, try cycling or swimming. In fact, any sort of aerobic activity that gets your hear racing is great to boost your health and fitness. You could enroll in your local gym and get the in-house trainer to tailor an exercise program for you to get your health back on track.

Fitness over 40 is an ideal that you can easily achieve through proper nutrition and exercise. By maintaining an active lifestyle, you'll ensure that you're brimming with health and vitality well into your middle age!

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