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What Are the Alternate Dog Treats You Can Use?

Healthy options made easy - Finding the healthier treats options does not seem to be less difficult even when your veterinarian has advised to put your dog on a diet, or your dog is having some specific food allergies.

In fact, it can be easy for you to simply the produce drawer in your refrigerator, where you can try these veterinarians recommended goodies that are safe for your pets and are tasty as well.

Getting Started - Fresh vegetables and fruits are the most healthy treats for your dog, as they do not possess any added chemicals, coloring and artificial flavors. These are helpful in providing your dog the essential minerals and vitamins.

The dogs are picky eaters as well just like the kids, where you will discover that only the one particular fruit or vegetable suits your dog's palate where the other one has made him turning his nose away disdainfully. Start treating your dog with a one particular fruit or vegetable at a time for a few days and avoid bombarding your dog with fresh goodies when you are introducing the new food group. By doing so you will know whether these new food groups treat is causing an upset stomach or diarrhea to your dog or not?

But it's important to do, not feed toxic fruits and vegetables to your dog, before you stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables, take a note of which fruit and vegetable is safe to feed your dog.

Safe fruits to feed dogs - the citric fruits may upset your dog's stomach; all the rest is safe for your dog except the citric one.
Try to avoid feeding the whole fruit to your pet with seeds intact and pit, where the pit can cause choking hazards and the seeds can cause the gastric issues and choking as well. Wash the fruit, then slice it into pieces and then give it to your pet as a treat.
€ Mangos
€ Bananas
€ Blueberries
€ Apricots
€ Pears
€ Pineapples
€ Strawberries
€ Raspberries

These are the healthiest fruits for your dog treats
Fruits to avoid feeding your dog - The fruits that you should avoid feeding your dog include persimmons, plums, peaches, grapes and raisins. The common problems with these fruits are their seeds or pit which can cause inflammation of the small intestine of the dog. They can also cause the intestinal obstruction, after eating the pit from peach or plum. The plums and peach contain the cyanide, which is poisonous to both the humans and the dogs.

The grapes and raisin can cause the acute renal failure in dogs, where, when the kidney diseases occur the dog's ability to produce urine decreases, which shows that they are unable to filter toxins out of their bodies.

Unfortunately, the reason behind the kidney failure of the dog and the amount of grapes/ raisins necessary to be toxic to the dogs. So in all the cases of ingestion have the potential to be grave. Depending on the size of your dog, as the least amount can have an adverse effect on your dog.

You can hire the dog treats services from a professional dog treatment service company, which knows the best possible diet plans for your dog according to their breed and behaviors.

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