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What Is The Ideal Length Of A Voice Broadcast Message

Voice Broadcasting is a very simple process.
A Voice Broadcasting system is perfect for a wide range of very cost effective lead generation solutions.
It's cheaper than pay-per-click, purchasing expensive leads or even direct mail.
It is the solution for cold calling or dialing for dollars for any number of traditional or home based businesses.
Voice broadcasting is a computerized message delivery service that plays your pre-recorded message on your customer's or potential new customers answering machine, voice mail service, or even to a "live" person.
The reason voice broadcasting is so cost-effective, is that you pay only for successfully left messages (we know that it works or companies like AT&T and Disney wouldn't keep doing it).
However, our Voice Broadcasting service is not just for lead generation and telemarketing! It is also perfect for customer service, customer care, and collections.
Politicians, restaurants, wine merchants and puppy brokers are using are automated system.
It is also tailor-made for information dispersal (emergencies, public service announcements, etc.
) You know 3 very important things about these leads.
They are home, they are interested, and they want to talk to you.
So the key to the response is your message.
So the question is does length of the message matter.
Is a longer message better? And the answer is simple, more is not better.
You have 1 sentence and about 7 seconds to catch a potential new customers or prospects attention.
So if you can't get you message across in a 30 second message a longer message won't make the difference.
The idea is to give the customer or potential prospect an action to take by pressing 1 to talk to you live or leave a message for someone to return a call or visit a website.
The simple key to success in voice broadcasting is a 30 second message, short, sweet and 2 the point.

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