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How to Stop Being Tired All the Time - Avoid These 3 Things That Make You More Tired - Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of this three part series.
You might think you are having something that will help you but it could be having the opposite effect.
If you are tired all the time you need to consider the effect of these three things on your energy.
Maybe by just giving up one of these things it will help you overcome tiredness and get your energy back.
Part three - "Fancy a cigarette or maybe relax after dinner with a coffee, liqueur and a smoke" Smokers often use cigarettes to relax and in small doses nicotine can promote sleep as it is a mild sedative but in heavy smokers the opposite is true.
The relaxing sedative effect is quickly surpassed by feelings of anxiety and stimulation.
So if you are smoking more than a couple of cigarettes a day, the nicotine effect could be another factor in your deprived sleep.
If you stop smoking immediately you will probably experience poor sleep for up to four or five nights whilst your body adjusts to the lack of nicotine.
There are plenty of schemes to help you stop smoking, contact your local doctor for advice or look on the internet for help to stop smoking schemes.
The Triple Knockout punch - Coffee & Alcohol & Nicotine Many of us go out for a relaxing meal with friends, have a glass of wine or two with the meal, maybe indulge in a dessert and by this time it's already about 10.
30pm and then what do we do? We have a cup of coffee at a time when we normally wouldn't have dreamed of having one at home (because we know it would keep us awake), then maybe we have a liqueur in our coffee or a brandy to go with it.
Then to cap it all off you have a cigarette or a cigar.
Taken together these things work against each other and can bring on early morning insomnia.
The relaxation effect of the alcohol reverses the stimulating effects of the caffeine but by the early hours most of the alcohol will be out of your system and you will be waking, agitated and not able to get back off to sleep.
Making the Right Choices - Think! If you've had enough of being tired all the time maybe it's time to start being responsible for what you put into your body.
It's time to connect the dots and realise there's a cause and there's an effect.
By the way this article is not intended to replace any medical or professional advice, it gives general information only.
If you drink coffee late at night the effect will be...
that's it...
you can't sleep.
It's not hard, we know these things but what is hard is remembering them after a glass of two of wine.
We've touched on this in Part Two of this series, life is about balance and it's about the choices we make.
If you are prepared to do something about being tired all the time, decide to make better choices.
As the saying goes "You're worth it" Give your body a chance, decide to cut down or cut out these three stimulants, and see if you can get your energy back and stop being tired all the time.

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