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t's Saturday night and you want to kick back from a hard week of work and relax with friends or family. You go to the local casual dining restaurant and find that the front entrance area is so crowded with people that you can barely push your way to the hostess stand. Then you learn that there is an hour and a half wait for a table.

The problem is that it is the weekend and every restaurant worth going to is probably in the same condition...busy, with a long line. So do you go somewhere else and wait in line or do you stay where you are at and wait in line?

A new product called SmartHost Paging from DotLogik Inc solves the long wait time problem that we have all gone through. Restaurants can also provide better service by allowing customers to leave and return when their table is ready.

With SmartHost Paging Patrons are free to leave the restaurant and go shopping, take a walk or anything else they choose to do with their time. They will recieve a text message on their phone when their table is ready. Then they can return at their convenience. Businesses can also send daily specials and coupons to customers who opt in to receive them.

Customers who opt in to the service can also recieve a text around their birthday or an anniversary to come in for a free dessert.

The restaurant management can receive an estimated forecast of the wait time based on day of the week, time of the day and any possible holidays. Patrons then know when to expect to receive the text message notifying them the table is ready.

Along with the paging system, DotLogik has a display that is visible to customers in the waiting area. The monitor is split into two sides. One side will show TV, commercials, specials, sports or whatever is selected. The other side shows who is being seeted and who is next to be seeted. This also keeps customers entertained if you choose to wait for your table.

When you are out for a nice dinner and are told you need to wait 60 minutes or more for a table, you will be wishing they had SmartHost Paging. Ask for SmartHost Paging and keep your time to yourself.

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