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Common Gun Dog Training Equipment

There are people who believe that all dogs have an innate desire and skill for hunting.
While this may be true, you should take note that some dog breeds are naturally better hunters than others.
If you happen to have a dog belonging to the natural hunting breeds and you want to train him to hunt, you will need not only the right gun dog training equipment, but also a great deal of patience and training experience.
It is best to start training your puppy when he is at least four months old.
If you do not have much experience with this kind of training, it is best to get the assistance of an expert trainer and gain more experience in the process so that the next time you get such an opportunity, you can train a puppy all by yourself.
The good thing about training a dog to hunt is that modern gun dog training equipment has made the process a lot easier than it was before.
A bird launcher is one of the most common and useful gun dog training equipment, especially if you are training a retriever.
It can launch both artificial and live fowl into the air.
You may then shoot the bird down and train your dog to fetch it.
This device is very easy to set up in a hunting field, which also makes it one of the most convenient pieces of equipment for training hunting dogs.
Training collars are also among the essential pieces of gun dog training equipment.
These devices work with a remote control and emit electrical pulses that can be directed to teach a dog the proper ways of following his hunting instincts.
Some training collars even come in systems that allow you to work with a maximum of three dogs at once.
You don't have to worry about hurting your dog with the device because the electrical pulses it delivers are relatively very mild.
Dog whistles are probably the oldest and most common of all gun dog training equipment.
The good thing about this piece of training equipment is that it allows you to use different pitches to deliver specific messages to your dog.
Dog whistles are especially useful in hunting where you constantly need to communicate with your dog from a considerable distance.
Check cords are also counted among the essential pieces of gun dog training equipment.
They effectively prevent your dog from straying while you are on a hunting trip.
At the same time, it gives your dog enough freedom to move around so that he doesn't feel unnecessarily restrained.
This is especially useful during the first few times that you take your dog out hunting.
After all, you wouldn't want your dog to get lost in the hunting field.
These pieces of gun dog training equipment may have made training a lot easier, but patience and consistency are still the key elements that will ensure success in your training efforts.
Well-trained dogs do not only make good hunting dogs, but also good household pets.
It is therefore advisable for you to take full advantage of these pieces of training equipment.

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