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The Most Common Kitten Breeds

    Domestic Shorthair

    • The domestic shorthair is the feline equivalent of the mutt. They are mixed breeds. If you have or have ever had a kitten, chances are good it is or was a domestic shorthair. According to Animal Planet's Cats 101, they are "prolific breeders," and there are 80 million domestic shorthair cats in the United States.

    American Shorthair

    • This breed came over on the Mayflower for rodent control. It is one of the best mousers on earth. The American Shorthair can be traced back to the Romans, who brought it to Europe in the 10th century. They too are mixed breeds. There are more than 80 varieties and color patterns of them.

    Domestic House Cat

    • Twenty-one percent of American households have a domestic house cat, and 35 percent have two or more. They too provided rodent control for the original colonists and are also mixed breeds. According to Cats 101, they too come in an abundant variety of colors and coat patterns.


    • According to the Cat Fancier's Association, the Persian is the most popular purebred cat. This breed is found in hieroglyphics dating from 1,684 B.C. They have large, round eyes, long, flowing coats and pleasant, affectionate personalities. This combination of beauty and sweetness makes them the most popular breed.

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