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How to Let a Woman Know You Are Interested in Her - 3 Effective Signs

If you are interested in a women and don't want to come out and ask her how she feels, and then show her some signs you may be in danger of confusing the issue.
Showing her subtle clear signs that you are interested in her is a great way to break the ice and figure out how she feels about you before you just come out and say that you like her, which could place you in a very awkward situation.
1/ Eye Contact- Eye contact is the best way to show a girl that you like her.
When she is speaking to you, show her that you are focusing on her and only her.
Smile while looking into her eyes, and watch for facial expressions back.
Looking into her eyes lets her know; you are into her and care about what she is saying.
It shows you are caring and know how to give full attention to her.
2/ Flirt- Flirting is a great way to show her that you are interested.
Flirting can really make a women feel good about herself.
You must be careful not to flirt too much or you could end up scaring her away.
Small flirtation gestures will do the trick.
3/ Compliment Her- Giving a woman compliments are a great way to show her you are interested in her.
This shows her you pay attention to detail and you want her to know that you take careful notice on certain things.
Women love men who pay attention to them and don't just pretend they are.
Her clothes, hair or the way she is doing something are great compliments.
So follow these simple tips and soon enough you will be with the girl of your dreams.

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