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How to Get a Girlfriend in "Fall Out 3"

    • 1). Walk to Megaton. If you just exited Vault 101 at the beginning of the game, follow the green arrow on your on-screen compass. This will take you to the gates of Megaton, where Nova lives and spends all her time.

    • 2). Open the doors to Megaton to enter the city. On the Xbox 360, press "A." On the PlayStation 3, press "X." On the PC, press "E."

    • 3). End the conversation with Lucas Simms if necessary. If this is the first time you have entered Megaton, he automatically starts a conversation with him. Do not be rude to him or he will attack you, prompting everybody else in the city to follow suit, including Nova.

    • 4). Acquire 120 caps. Caps are the in-game currency. How you earn the caps is up to you, but the quickest way is to sell your extra inventory items and complete quests. If this is your first time in Megaton, Moira, Walter and Lucas Simms will have quests for you to complete.

    • 5). Walk up the ramp near the entrance to Megaton. This will lead you to Moriarty's Saloon, where Nova lives and spends her entire day. Enter the Saloon.

    • 6). Walk up to Nova -- the only redhead in the building -- and start a conversation by pressing "A," "X" or "E." Tell her you want to hire her and she will ask you for the 120 caps. Confirm the transaction to hire her as your girlfriend for the evening.

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