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DIY Wakeboard Speakers

    • 1). Measure and make two marks 2 1/2 inches apart at the middle of each 8-inch PVC tube, and drill holes that the U-bolts will fit through.

    • 2). Drill a hole in the center of each threaded end cap. These will be for the speaker terminal cup. Slide the cup in place and run a bead of liquid epoxy under the lip of the cup. Make sure you use epoxy that will adhere to PVC. Screw the end caps on to the threaded end of the PVC tubing. Cut your tubes to length to give them the correct volume for your speaker size.

    • 3). Strip the ends of 2 lengths of speaker wire and twist the strands of copper. Connect the black and red sires to the negative and positive terminals of the speaker cups, respectively, by lifting the spring-loaded connector and sliding the wire in place. Do not connect the wires to the speakers until the tubes are mounted to the tower.

    • 4). Slide the U-bolt around the tower and into the 2 holes in the canister. Slide a washer over each end of the U-bolt and then thread a locking nut in place. Use a wrench to securely tighten the nuts.

    • 5). Connect the black and red wires to the negative and positive terminal of the speakers, respectively. Solder the connections with silver core solder so that they will not come apart in rough water.

    • 6). Drill 4 holes into the edge of the PVC tubing, or however many holes your speaker requires for mounting. Screw the speakers into place, and you will be ready to connect your speakers to your stereo amplifier.

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