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How to Pitch a Basha

    • 1). Locate a flat area between two trees. The trees should be as far apart as you are tall. If the trees are too close together, you won't be able to get the line taut enough to support the tarp. If two trees are not available you can use the two gadget sticks.

    • 2). Inspect this area for fire ant mounds, ground bee nests and other potential problems that you don't want crawling into the basha while you sleep.

    • 3). Spread out the tarp in between the trees or the gadget sticks. Tie one end of the paracord to one of the trees at the height you want the tent to be at. Pull the paracord tight and secure to the second tree. Tie a knot in the cord on the second tree when it is tight enough and cut the excess off. If no trees are available, hammer in the gadget poles with a mallet and tie the paracord to these. Tie a 36 inch length of paracord to the gadget pole on each end just above the center line where the tarp is resting. Pull tight on this paracord until it is at a 45 degree angle and secure each side in place with a tent peg. These will be your guy lines.

    • 4). Spread the tarp over the paracord line in between the trees or gadget poles. Cut four 36 inch lengths from the paracord. Tie one at each of the four corner grommets on the tarp. Tie the other end of each of these cords to a tent peg. Pull the peg tight and drive each of these pegs into the ground halfway. Twist the pegs to tighten the cord on them. Begin with the right top corner and then move to the left lower corner. Alternate corners and keep tightening the rope until the tarp is taut and even.

    • 5). Lay the groundsheet under the tarp and use rocks or something else on top as a weight to keep it from blowing away. You are now ready to use your basha.

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