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I am about to save you all kinds of money.
It?s no secret that every golfer, and I mean EVERY golfer, wants more distance.
There is just something about it? Being able to launch a golf ball a full football field farther than the guys we are playing with is something we strive for.
There is not a feeling in the game of golf that can compare to the feeling of catching the ball so pure off the tee you can?t even hear the sound it makes at impact, and watching it soar out of sight dead on to the target.
These are the things we as golfers have dreams about.
So it?s no wonder why millions of golfers are spending billions of dollars trying to gain a few yards off the tee.
They tend to spend most of their money on a new, top of the line driver, that is supposed to add all kinds of crazy yards to your game.
But here is my big secret golf driving tip: The club you use has almost nothing to do with how far you hit the ball.
Aside from getting a club that is built for your size and club speed, no matter how much you spend on that ?turbo-super-power? driver, it?s not going to hit a 350 yarder for you.
If we would just spend half as much money on ?learning? how to hit the ball farther, rather than trying to buy a club that will do it for us, we would all be hitting like Tiger by now! Ok, maybe not like Tiger, but you get the picture.
Let me tell you the story of how I discovered this crucial fact the hard way: Back a few years ago, when my average off the tee was around 200 yards, I decided to focus all of my energy on increasing my distance.
So the first thing I did was what most of us do, I bought a $800 driver! The very day I got my new technologically advanced driver I immediately called my favorite golfing buddy, Bret, to got with me to the driving range to test it out.
I told him to bring his range finder and meet me at the driving range in an hour.
When I finally arrived I realized in all my excitement, I forgot to put the new driver in my bag.
The only driver I had in my bag was an old beaten up P.
that my father gave me when I first took up the sport.
He must have gotten it for $5 at a garage sale.
You have no idea how mad I was, unless you?ve done something similar before..
Anyways, I was just about to drive all the way back home to get the club, but Bret convinced me to stay.
He kept insisting that I could hit just as far with the older driver as a could with the new one.
But I kept complaining that nobody could hit the ball with that old piece of crap.
Bret said, ?Hold on, I?ll prove it to you.
? and he walked into the club house.
I had no idea what he was doing, but I sat patiently waiting for him to return, wondering how he could prove what he was arguing When he returned, he brought the driving range owner with him.
The guy was about 5?11 175 pounds.
?This is the reigning champion of three Long Drive Tournaments, I bet you $100 that he can hit the ball 300 yards with that old driver.
? I laughed and handed him the club.
It was stuck in my mind that NOBODY can hit the ball far with a piece of crap club like that.
When the man took his first practice swing I got a little worried.
His practice swing was so smooth and powerful, the sound of the swooshing air actually caught me off guard at first.
I began to wonder if you actually COULD hit it 300 yards, no matter what club he had in his hands.
When he finally hit the ball, it shot off like a rocket, and it just seemed to keep going and going, like God held it in the air.
When it finally came down, it was way past the 300 yard marker, it actually went into the trees that were behind the range.
Bret quickly whipped out his range finder and said, ?Well, the trees are about 400 yards away.
? I stood there in shock.
I realized then, that if I would have spent that $800 on training instead of a new club, I could do the things this guy was doing.
I preceded to beg and beg the man for lessons.
He decided to mentor me for free since I was such good friends with Bret.
Now I am able to hit the ball over 300 yards consistently, and they go straight! No matter what kind of driver I?m using? Everything I learned is in a book called ?Finding Your Distance?, which you can get here [http://www.
And it?s not even close to $800! So that is your golf driving tip of the day.
Don?t blame your club, spend your time learning the correct techniques instead of buying new gadgets to do it for you.

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