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Casino Prom Ideas

    Arches and Walkthroughs

    • A great place for prom photos, arches and walkthroughs can have many forms with a casino theme. Slot machine arches; arches made of larger-than-life poker chips, cards or dice; named walkthroughs featuring a particular casino name or city; or simple balloon walkthroughs corresponding to the event colors can make a fun, sophisticated entranceway to your prom.


    • Use tablecloths of red or dark green when decorating tables; these correspond to the colors of casino table games. Use white or black napkins to accent the tables; white and black are often used to note spaces or numbers on casino tables. Employ dice, cards and poker chips to create a themed centerpiece for each table.


    • Some party supply companies provide casino-themed columns, some simple black towers with cards at the top, others with poker chips running up and down the column. These can, with the right cardboard and paint, also be built and adapted to suit a more individualized casino theme.


    • Use smaller, sequenced lighting to give more of a casino effect. For more dramatic effects, especially near the entrance or dance floor, use small spotlights. If there are any windows in the building, elegantly drape (in other words, completely cover) them with your prom colors--casino gambling areas do not have any windows.


    • Casinos are notorious for alcohol and gambling; if your school and district approve the idea, serve non-alcoholic drinks in martini or highball glasses.


    • School districts don't like gambling, but some might still approve select table games for a prom theme, provided the student is not actually spending money at the table. Also, each student could receive a numbered poker chip or card when entering the prom; at the end of the night, prizes could be given to whichever numbers are called at random.

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