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The Importance Of Your Wedding Vows

Cracking voices that are about to burst into tears, sweet and touching promises that make us cry, and the lines that sound so true.
Have you ever wondered how couples come up with the words at their wedding that give you goose bumps and make every young girl dream of being married? The couple's wedding vows are their declaration of love; it is where they publicly make their promises to each other.
Religious ceremonies usually require the couple to use the traditional wedding vows, but some may allow you to personalizing them.
So if you want to use a religious promise that you and your fiancé would like to include, you should consult with your church official for guidelines.
Writing your own solemn pledges may be difficult since you have to find the right words to express your feelings, and you have to memorize them.
Here are some tips on how to write warm and genuine vows.
Spend time together with your fiancé and write your vows together.
Write down why you want to be married to him or her, and what do you want to give and receive from your marriage.
99% of the couples write their vows alone.
They want to surprise their partners on their big day but they are actually completely missing the point.
Their vows should be like magnet attracting everything - their dreams, hopes, experiences and ideas.
Describe the dream of how you want your life together to be.
Then put that dream into words by writing your vows and promises to each other stating how you are going to keep that dream alive and thriving.
Express how religion will be a part of your relationship.
Describe how it will guide you in your bond, and how it will make you both grow in goodness.
Try looking at your fiancé.
Prepare a sheet of paper and write anything that comes to your mind - how you love each other and how much you want to be married to that person.
Words will flow unconsciously, so jot them down and include them in your wedding vows.
After writing your pledge, read it aloud and make sure it sounds wonderful.
Keep your vow to under three minutes.
Use short and simple sentences that the guests can follow and you can easily memorize.
During the ceremony face your partner, speak clearly and hold each other's hands.
Say your vows warmly and genuinely.
You need not personally write your vows.
You can use the traditional vow if you want.
It's the sincerity that counts.
You should not force yourself to write something that is not you.
There may be feelings that you have, but you find it difficult to express in words.
In this case stick to the conventional one that alleviates any mistakes on the day of your wedding.
Just remember to speak your vow with sincerity.
Words spoken aloud always have a way of connecting deeply with your feelings and emotions, in a way that you will find easy to remember for the rest of your life.
During your wedding ceremony, the words you say will stay with you, and remind and guide you through life's ups and downs.
They will be powerful to you both, and if said from the heart will help to make your day truly magical.

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