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Without a doubt the main obstacle that prevents you from starting your own internet marketing business is procrastination - one of a thousand and one fears - brought on by the 'paralysis of analysis'. You are likely becoming bogged down by worrying over the minute details, and about making mistakes and you MUST overcome this 'block' if you are ever to even make a start on your internet home business.

Even taking the smallest action can put you in a better frame of mind. This 'action' can be as simple as registering your own domain name. It only costs about $10 per year to register your business name - your .com - so it is hardly a massive risk.

The type of action isn't of the utmost importance if you are paralysed by fear. Taking any action is more about breaking through barriers and creating momentum. Every successful internet business - without exception - has been built one step at a time, one day at a time.

From my own experience online - and from listening to other super affiliates and the so called internet marketing 'gurus - they did not have an exact plan in mind when they setout. They took positive action on a daily basis and the plan presented itself over time. The little successes led to their current success in life.

Again, just make a start! The tweaks and fixes are part of everyday online business life. These can be implimented as you go along.

I can make a prediction about your life even though I have never met you - If you have wanted to start an internet marketing business and have not taken action yet then it is because you are coming up with excuses everytime the time comes to make a start. I am not a seer or psychic. I know from working with other would be online entrepreneuers that there are always excuses about why they cannot start today.

If I could some up this unwllingness to get started in one word it would be FEAR. The only way to overcome fear is by postive action.

Of course, I am not encouraging to continue your business at length without some sort of plan. You do need to setout a budget and plan your time carefully. There is one action you can take today though - no matter how small - that will set you on your path to finally getting your business up and running.

Even if you look at the worst case scenario it is never so bad as you have made it out to be. Write down your fears and worries. It will be much easier to see a solution if you put your problems on paper. For instance if you have a financial worry, one solution would be to find ways to build your business using free internet marketing methods. If you have a problem with time then you may set a time limit on your daily internet activities.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your internet business. It will never be built though unless you take some sort of action today - no matter how small and insignificant this 'start' may seem.

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