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How to Fix Matted Cat Fur

    • 1). Wait until your cat is tired to take on this project. It is best to groom her when she is more on the relaxed and sleepy side.

    • 2). Spray water on the matts, one at a time. Take your comb or fingers and get as close to your cat's skin as possible. Brushing from side to side (not up and down), work to detangle the matt. For a more difficult matt, you may want to put just a bit of cornstarch on the fur and then brush through it.

    • 3). Do your best to remove all the matts this way. If there are matts that you still can't fully comb through, you may need to cut them. Take your clippers and get as close to your cat's skin as possible. Using great care, cut the least amount of fur off that you need to. If you are unsure how to use the clipper, you may want to ask a professional groomer or your veterinarian for assistance.

    • 4). Keep up daily or weekly grooming (depending on the length of your cat's fur) to prevent matts from developing again.

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