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There Is Always That One Girl You Will Hold a Candle For

The heart wants what it can't have and a lot of the times if you were to ever get what you can't have you would become disinterested.
And becoming disinterested with something is all too common nowadays, but there is always that one girl you will hold a candle for.
Maybe you grew up together, and she has always been close.
Maybe you know her at work and she is your boss.
The attraction to this woman is more than just physical, they will come top of every list you have with a girl of the five people you can mess around with without consequences.
Whoever she is and however you know her there is no doubting that you will always hold a candle for her.
There is always one in our lives that this happens with.
No matter who we date or how happy we are there is always doubt in our minds about what would happen if they wanted more.
Always doubts in our mind about what it would be like to do something with them.
Is it meant to be that I go through life with all these different women and then eventually end up with her? In all likelihood there is no possible way for her to know that you like her so much.
In fact that is half the appeal because the bubble of fantasy has never been popped by rejection.
There is always that slim chance that she feels the same.
The girl you hold your candle for could even be someone you previously went out with but have never got over.
You could have had your chance with the girl of your dreams and blown it.
If you haven't however it is about time that you plucked up the courage to do something about it.
You need to give it a go, tell someone that you like them.
Even if you get rejected at least you have given it a go.
And who knows you could end up with the girl of your dreams telling you that she has always liked you, and wants to initiate something.
Either way it has got to be better than continuing to fantasize about a girl who is oblivious to your feelings.
Going through day to day longing for her when she has no idea is quite a sad existence.
Give life a go and let it happen.

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