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Sangama At Meekadatu near Bangalore

Mekedatu lies on the banks of Kaveri Nadi that gushes through a narrow valley. According to a folk tale, a goat jumped across the narrow strait, so it was called Mekedatu. In Kannada Meke means goat and datu means leap or €goat's leap'.

Mekedatu is situated along River Kaveri in Kanakapura taluka. The place, where Arkavati blends with Kaveri is called Sangam. From here Kaveri flows downstream about 3.5 kilometers through a deep and narrow ravine of solid granite rocks. The river is approximately 150 meters in width at Sangama and flows through hardly ten meter wide ravine. Actually, it is not so narrow that any goat can leap across that distance.

In the past, there was an incident witnessed by a herdsman, where a goat was pursued by a tiger. The goat was so desperate that in an effort to save its life it leaped from the ravine and successfully crossed over the river below. The tiger avoided imitating this act and abandoned pursuing the goat. Currently, the point from where the goat is said to have leapt has widened due erosion from the river.

Some mythological significance is also rumored that the goat or meke that was witnessed to have jumped across river Kaveri was believed to be Lord Shiva in a disguise. There are footprints found on both rocky edges of the ravine that resemble the goat's hooves, but are somewhat large. The villagers believe that only celestial goats could imprint their footprints on these hard rocks.

Mekedatu is approximately 95 kilometers away from Bangalore by road via Kanakpura. People buy bus tickets and tour this spot. You can go by bus till 90 kilometers to the Sangama and the last five kilometers, you have to go across the river. You can walk across the river, if the water is low or take a Teppa. Otherwise, you can take a different route either walking or go by bus to Mekedatu.

The gushing of water is very rapid through the ravines, gashing pits in the rock-strewn riverbed. The climbing down is steep along with slippery rocks, so it is very dangerous for swimming in the river. There are plenty of whirlpools noticed around with high water force that can be accidental.

You can have fun in the water at Sangam, during low tides. Crocodiles are also said to seen here, so it is better to be careful in these areas. You can take a whole day trip to spend a relaxing time here. Charter bus rental and reach this destination with friends and family for having fun at the confluence of the rivers.

When you are near Mekedatu, you can also visit Chunchi Falls. It is a very appealing picnic spot with nature smiling all around. However, there are no decent eating places or hotels near Sangam, Mekedatu and Chunchi Falls. You can pack your lunch or eatables from Kanakpura. So, make bus tickets reservation to spend your best time admiring the natural beauty a little far from Bangalore. The best months to visit the place are from September to February.

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