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Why Did I Deserve to Have My Ex Leave Our Relationship

All you have left are memories.
The breakup ended it all, but you will stay with the memories that keep coming back at unexpected moments.
Sounds, a scenery and smells can bring back good as well as bad memories.
Your subconscious mind stores each moment of your life, to be brought back by certain triggers as a memory.
When you smell a flower, it might bring back a memory of a Sunday afternoon picnic with your ex in a public park several years ago.
You hear a song, and it brings you back to that concert you went to with your ex.
The wind is blowing though your hair and the memory of an afternoon sailing on a sunny day comes back to mind.
These are the happy memories.
However, there is a shortcoming to the collecting capacity of our mind.
The brain does not separate the "good" memories from the "bad" memories.
Recollecting an incident is emotionally connected to the instant of recollection.
If you were in a vicious relationship, the slamming of a door could send off shivers over your spine.
These memories are real and have a definite impact at the moment of recollection.
A while ago, a friend of mine, who is a Vietnam Veteran, and I were walking through a square to a restaurant.
Out of the blue we heard the loud bang of a firecracker and within seconds my friend was flat on the ground.
Once he realized what he had heard he got up and we went on our way again.
During the meal he explained what happened on the way and that his instantaneous response after hearing a deafening noise is to "hit the deck".
He let me know that it reminded him about the most distressing encounter he had experienced in Vietnam.
Every time that he hears a loud bang he gets a vision of the incident and he clearly recalls all the details, the smell, the sounds, on the ground and in the air, from about 30 years ago.
Do not allow your relationship deteriorate to the point where you are going to be left with nothing else but memories.
If you feel that a breakup of your marriage or relationship is possible in the near future, you must take action immediately.
Save your marriage and know that there is help available to rectify your situation before any kind of separation.

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