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The Advantages of an Ozone Generator

Many pool owners desire to minimize the use of chemicals to sanitize their pool.
Some turn to a saltwater system but one alternative to consider is switching to an ozone system, which can be just as effective as other chemicals.
Ozone generators can greatly reduce the use of chemicals in the pool.
They are powered by gas.
It can be just as effective as a chlorine system at both oxidizing and sanitizing and is considered an environmentally friendly alternative.
Some swimmers find that they are sensitive to chemicals and get skin irritation from swimming in chemically treated pools, and an ozone system means less chemicals in the pool.
Sometimes, a small amount of chemical is required in addition to the ozone generator, but reducing the amount is an improvement.
You should consult a pool maintenance professional to know the proper balance your pool need.
This kind of generator uses ozone gas, a form of oxygen, to sanitize the pool.
But why stop using chlorine just to replace it with another chemical? Well, because it is in a gaseous state, ozone lasts approximately fifteen seconds in the water before it reaches the surface and dissipates.
The system is designed to treat the pool's pipe system rather than the water.
There are two main types of ozone generators: ultraviolet light systems and corona discharge systems.
Ultraviolet light systems uses fluorescent light to create ozone very similar to the way the sun does naturally.
Corona discharge is a newer technology than the ultraviolet light system.
The "corona" is an electrical field that is created by diffusing an electrical charge over a dielectric surface.
There are pros and cons to each.
Corona cells can last up to ten years and can produce higher quantities of ozone, which overall, is more cost effective.
The quality of the ozone is also purer, meaning that it won't produce other harmful gases as a by-product.
They also are generally smaller and easier to install no matter what type of pool you have.
UV ozone systems produce a smaller concentration of ozone, somewhere around 10% less than corona systems.
Also, more electricity is required to run these systems.
The lamps used on these units require replacement, so the system needs to be updated more than corona systems.
In order to purchase the best system for your pool, look for swimming pool supplies at a trusted supplier and weigh all your options.

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