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How to Paint a Girl's Bedroom With Stars

    • 1). Move all furniture, accessories and window treatments out of the room. Lay down newspapers to protect the floor.

    • 2). Paint the base layer of paint on the walls and ceiling. Since you're painting stars, a deep blue is a good choice. To make the visuals a little more interesting and to replicate the night sky, consider using a two-toned effect, with a lighter blue at the base blending into a dark blue above and on the ceiling.

    • 3). Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

    • 4). Use drafting tape to attach stencils on the walls. Drafting tape isn't as sticky as regular tape and will help to protect the new paint. Choose a random pattern placement of stars or constellations or a mixture of the types.

    • 5). Pour a small amount of paint on a plate. Dip the paintbrush into the paint and pat the brush until there's very little paint on it. Dab the paint inside the stencil. Build the paint up in layers rather than applying one thick coat; this will prevent the paint seeping out of the stencil lines.

    • 6). Remove the stencil and move on to the next area. Repeat the process for all the stars you wish to add.

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