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Ayurveda Aids To Heal Arthritis Pain In Hands

Ayurveda is the oldest method that originated in Indiato treat several problems in the body. According to the ayurvedic studies the pain is mostly caused by the imbalance of the vata dosha. The reason behind the arthritis pain in hands is due to the deposit of Ama (toxic element) and increase of vata.

This toxic element circulates in the body through blood and gets deposited in the weaker section of the body. When this element gets stored in the joint of hands or knee, vata dosha increases, which ultimately results in amavata or arthritis.

Ayurvedic approach in the treatment process

 Using ayurveda methods pain in joints can be easily cured through these approaches
  • The first approach is to strengthen the metabolic process in the body and to prevent the blockage of circulatory medium in the joints parts.
  • Next, digestion process is strengthened to create nutritional plasma in the body.
  • To reduce the arthritis pain in hands vata dosha has to be balanced and stabilized.

How to prevent arthritis problem?

Arthritis can be easily cured or controlled by means of the following procedure:
  • Regular physical exercise keeps the joints of the body active and produces the necessary lubricant for them.
  • Always try to keep up your weight according to the BMI because obesity problem aggravates the pressure on joint and bones.
  • Proper diet is very essential when you're undergoing treatment for arthritis and it can easily be avoided using nutrient diet.
  • You can also use cold packs for temporary relief and it will lessen the problem to an extent.
  • You should also take ayurvedic medicine on time as prescribed by the physician.

How to overcome this problem with ayurvedic treatment?
  • If you take 1 to 3 gram of Guggul twice a day after meals along with warm water the problem in the joints will reduce gradually.
  • Vitamin C rich food items like orange or sweet lime will be very useful when you're taking treatment for arthritis.
  • Eating light and easily digestible food items will minimize arthritis problem.
  • Oil massage is prohibited for arthritis pains in hands until Ama is completely removed from the body. After that to balance the vata dosha saindhvaadi tail or Prasarini tail are used in the massage therapy.

Ayurvedic therapies

Ayurvedic process aims to remove the toxic element from the joint parts and bring it to colon to get rid of the elements completely. In order to continue this treatment a person has to keep his colon part clean. If you do not specifically know whether the problem occurred due to vata or pitta or kapha then take one teaspoon of triphala at the night time along with one glass of warm water.

If you have determined the type of dosha causing you the problem then the treatment for arthritis problem would be:
  • Bibbitaki for kapha
  • Amalaki for pitta
  • Haritaki for vata

Ayurvedic therapies always recommend general methods to increase the intensity of the digestion (Agni), so that toxic element troubling the body will be destroyed completely.

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