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Brinkmann Pro Series 2300 Parts


    • The burners on a Brinkmann Pro Series 2300 grill are constructed out of cast iron. Although cast iron is extremely durable the burners are subject to damage as the result or water exposure, high temperatures and direct contact with or dripping from acidic foods. Both the side burner and the main burner may be replaced. Replacement burners are covered by a one year warranty and come equipped with screens to prevent insects from building nests within the burners.

    Gauges and Controls

    • The temperature gauge is installed on the grill lid and displays the interior temperature, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The gauge may be removed and replaced if it sticks or fails to accurately display the temperature. The 2300 series grill is equipped with three main controls, one for each main burner, as well as a side control for the side burner. Knobs are black with a single white line indicating setting and can be purchased in pairs for replacement.

    Ignition Assembly

    • The ignitor assembly is a self-contained unit that requires complete replacement in the event of failure. Although match lighting the burners is possible, it is safest to install a new ignitor assembly as soon as possible. The rubber cap for the ignitor button as well as the bezel that holds the cap in place and the interior spring can each be purchased independently of the ignitor if they become worn or broken.

    Cooking Surfaces

    • The Brinkmann 2300 is equipped with a two-piece main cooking grill. A single piece grilling surface is available as a replacement in the event the supplied grills become damaged or worn. The grate that covers the side burner can also be replaced, as well as the warming rack that installs above the main cooking surface inside the grill.


    • Brinkmann offers a range of accessories for the Pro Series 2300 gas grill. A stainless steel wood chip box allows soaked wood chips to add flavorful smoke to grilling foods while eliminating the need to place chips directly on the heating elements. Brinkmann also manufactures specialty food racks designed to make cooking certain foods easier. Available racks include a rib rack, smoker basket, chicken and turkey holders and a meatloaf basket. Other grilling accessories include a five-piece grill tool set, marinade injector, meat thermometer and seasoning mix.

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