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Jellies on the Go

As a tropical island, the country is rich in bio-diversity. Throughout the year, fruits are plentiful and orchards have several crops which produce bountiful harvests.
In Sri Lanka, Jelly has over the years been a popular dessert with children and adults. Its ease of preparation and minimum attention creates an attractive and tasteful presentation to serve to guests at the dinning table. A new trend in the Get Set Jelly range that is fast garnering a popular following is where the jelly sets in a short while. This time saving range proves a boon to mothers who have impatient kids wanting a quick sweet. The collection of these crystal jellies enjoyed by all is also freely available in a wide range of flavours and certified as Halal, manufactured under rigorous quality standards.
A firm tea time or snack favourite with both the young and the old, Chocolate Coated Wafers, are renowned and appreciated by all. Among the many ranges available in the local market are the popular Chocolate Coated Wafers that come in individual pack sizes allowing customers the ease of selecting as many packs are they require. Though small in size, the delicate crispy wafers are covered with a lovely coat of the finest milk chocolate. These wafers are also offered in separate specialty packs. Among them are those which have a unique taste and extremely handy on the go as it fits snugly in one's pocket. While another choice would be the range which is both light and chocolaty, heightening the taste of the wafer.
Among the manufactured food items in the country a biscuit exporter of repute has over several decades of experience. Both manufacturing and exporting a wide range of food products and its own distinct brands, dedicated export factories conforming to all international quality standards supply world-wide markets, distribute their products through renowned suppliers and leading international chains. The biscuit exporter's extensive distribution network in the local markets accounts for a majority share and being recognized as a household name. Even some of the world's top airlines serve their food as the preferred choice. In acknowledgement of its superior products, several local awards have been won in appreciation of its noteworthy performance.
Among the many ranges obtainable in the local market are the popular chocolate coated balls that come in individual sizes and packs allowing customers the ease of selecting as many packs are they require. Though small in size, the delicate chocolate balls are covered with a rice crispies, raisins and peanuts.

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