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How To Build Your List Of Subscribers Fast Using Ezine Advertising

When it comes to building a list of subscribers it can sometimes be slow and painful, especially when you're new to the idea and haven't been doing much paid advertising.
What I want to talk about in this article is the fastest way to build a large list of subscribers using Ezine advertising so you can decide if this form of paid advertising is for you or not.
Ezine advertising is a way of getting in direct contact with large numbers of specific individuals.
Some people will sign up for home based business Ezines which will allow you to target people interested in home based business ideas and opportunities.
The idea behind Ezine advertising is placing a solo ad with the Ezine which is mailed to that list where they will view your ad and potentially click through to wherever you want them to go to, ideally your squeeze page.
If you are paying for this form of advertising you must make sure that your ad copy is compelling and makes the subscribers want to click it.
Otherwise you'll have paid for very disappointing results...
Some ideas may be to give them something for free that would interest them.
Or even just have a unique selling point that no other will have in the same field that will allow you to get click that way.
A good idea is to create the campaign first, whether this be on paper or in a text document on your computer so you can really get an insight into how your potential leads will view your ad and where they will be taken if they click on it.
Decide if there are any ways you want to test the ad, maybe you will create a number of different ad copies and test them on a small scale before hand? A-B testing.
Have plans from the start as to what to test.
Make sure that you are one hundred percent happy with your ad before you decide to purchase it as any form of paid advertising can be risky for those with a small budget.
It can be very frustrating if your ad budget runs dry and you have very little or no results at all.
Another tip is to sign up for the Ezine you are about to place and ad with and wait for a couple of newsletters to drop into your email box.
You can get a good idea of how responsive the subscribers are and if the it is the sort of Ezine you want to advertise with.
If you find that the Ezine is dropped straight into your spam folder a number of times then you can be sure to leave that and find another.

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