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Are you interested in a career in nursing? If yes, then you have made the right choice as the field of nursing has expanded during the past several years. Now you can choose from several nursing career avenues after acquiring a nursing degree. Nursing is considered as one of the noblest professions and nowadays-nursing jobs are an important part of our society. Nursing jobs are generally classified as registered nurses, licensed practicing nurses, nursing assistants or licensed vocational nurses. Inside the nursing field, you can opt for different job options. Here are some of them:

. Hospital nurse- In a hospital, the nursing staff is divided as per the floors or the units to treat patients depending on illnesses and conditions, human medical needs, newborn babies and even dying seniors. Nurses have to gather information from patients based on their physical condition, life style, emotional state, family, hopes and fears etc. Nurses assist doctors in surgery as well as handling the patient's needs that are often based on emotional or spiritual or physical assistance.

Nurses are considered the 'eyes' of the doctor and the 'voice' of the patient. They plan the goals based on the diagnosed report. Whenever possible, nurses encourage patients to participate in health care. Nurses also have to go ahead and teach the patients about self-care and display physiotherapy exercises to improve flexibility after surgery.

. Nursing Ability- Professional nurses are hired by temporary rehabilitation centers, recuperation units and also as nursing care for senior citizens who need help. While handling patients, the nurses have to be tolerant, loving and understanding. They are supposed to maintain their cool and work non-stop to make a patient's life better and comfortable.

. School Nurse- This job is either full time or part time and this job profile includes work like checking students for chronic problems like asthma symptoms and vision problems. They are also supposed to advice students on treatment options for problems like ringworm, head lice, or any other acute symptoms common in school children. It is the school nurse's job to check whether a child needs advanced care or whether the illness is contagious. Nurses are also expected to complain about child abuse to the authorities.

. Company Nurse- Large business houses hire nurses as part of their staff to handle health issues of their employees. In a company, the nurse should be able to recognize and treat viral fever like flu or eye injuries or bodily wounds. Nurses hired by companies have to be well versed to handle the first aid techniques and they have the full authority to seek medical assistance if they find the environmental problem very uncomfortable or polluted with gas leak, hazardous levels of carbon monoxide etc. The nurses are obliged to recommend a company to temporarily shut down if essential.

. Medical Office Nurse- Nurses are also employed at the doctor's office or clinic and there they are supposed to prepare a patient before the examination by the doctor for charting vital signs and symptoms. Nurses also assist the doctors in taking blood samples, pressure and even give injections. Nurses assist the doctors to make the visit smoother for the patients.

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