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How to Clean an Electric Swimming Pool Cover

    • 1). Start the cleaning process with the electric pool cover over the pool. Use a telescoping pole with a rake attachment to remove leaves and other pieces of debris from the cover. If the cover is dry, use a leaf blower. If you can't get all the smaller pieces of debris, use a broom to push them toward the pool's skimmer. The pool's filtration system can safely remove these particles from the water.

    • 2). Remove any excess water on the cover by setting a pool cover pump on the surface. If the cover has no water on it, skip this step.

    • 3). Use the garden hose to rinse the cover as you retract it onto the automatic reel one section at a time. If necessary, use a damp sponge to rub away any soiled areas on the pool cover.

    • 4). Clean the track by flushing it with water from the garden hose, recommends the website Cover Pools. Remove any leaves or debris stuck in the track that may keep it from operating properly. Failure to keep the track clean causes unnecessary wear on the edges of the electric pool cover.

    • 5). Treat the cover with vinyl protectant, such as you would use on an automobile, if recommended by the pool cover's manufacturer. Extend the pool cover one section at a time. As you extend it, wipe a thin layer of the product on the cover, using a soft cloth, and allow to dry. Follow the manufacturer's specific directions for the product.

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