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Top 3 Most Common Psychiatric Conditions

There are millions of people who suffer from psychiatric conditions each day.
Knowing what the conditions are and what the symptoms are can help you in getting treatment early.
Many problems can occur from delayed treatments including violent erratic behaviors, hallucinations, and suicidal behaviors or actions.
Making sure your family is safe and knowing the conditions and their symptoms will help understand when its important to go to the doctor.
Below are the 3 most common psychiatric disorders and their symptoms: ADHD- One of the most common psychiatric disorders is ADHD or Attention Deficiency Hyper Activity Disorder.
This occurs in both children, adolescents, and adults alike.
Recently it has been discovered that nearly 4% of adults and 5% of children have been diagnosed with ADHD.
Below are some of the signs & Symptoms of ADHD: Children: - Excessive Talking - Always on the go - Not completing tasks - Constantly up walking around - Fidgety/Can't sit still in seat - Easily distracted - Constantly moving Adults: - Difficulty paying attention - Not able to concentrate - Disorganized work space/habits - Forgetting important events/daily tasks - Constantly changing conversations - Procrastination Bi-Polar Disorder - This is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in teens and young adults.
Though Bi-polar disorder is commonly diagnosed it is relatively easy to control through treatment and therapy.
It is important to diagnose this condition and treat it early as it can have some serious consequences if gone untreated for too long.
Below are some of the symptoms of Bi-Polar Disorder.
If you or a loved one have these symptoms speak with a therapist to obtain treatment before it gets out of hand.
- Racing Thoughts - Unable to concentrate - Impaired Judgment - Acting Recklessly - Delusions - Hallucinations - Irritability - Fatigue - Loss of energy - Physical sluggishness - Change in appetite - Change in weight - Feelings of guilt/sadness - Thoughts of harming self Schizo-affective Disorder - Schizo-affective disorder is a relatively new diagnosis.
However is another commonly diagnosed condition.
While it is hard to diagnosis in teens the growing population being diagnosed is on the rise.
Schizo-affective disorder is a condition of both Bi-Polar Disorder and Schizophrenia.
It has property's of both conditions making this condition on with many consequences.
Schizo-affective disorder is generally diagnosed when symptoms of both conditions are present in the same patient and they have a family history of both disorders.
Below are some symptoms of schizophrenia: - Social withdrawal - Hostility - Suspicion - Sudden lack of hygiene - Oversleeping/insomnia - Irrational speaking or thought - Extreme reactions to criticism - Strange use of words

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