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In successfully resolving your immigration related issues, various types of information and details that are vital, should be provided to your attorney at the time of consultation. You win or lose the case, the result shares a significant part of the basic information provided. Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC, a reputed law firm in handling cases related to immigration, foreign affairs, criminal defense and civil rights from the last ten years, guides you with the important tips for detailing your immigration law firm or attorney.

Providing General Information:

Always provide genuine and correct details of your home address, home phone numbers, email address and any other information that can serve the purpose of contacting you whenever it's needed. In case, if you are changing contact numbers or moving to a new location, do not forget to update it with your attorney, as there would be a possibility of missing-out any important message from your immigration attorney office.

Providing Complete Immigration History:

At any instance, if you have filed any appeals in the past with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS"), it is important to inform your attorney about it. Also, helping your immigration attorney to know about the way you got your immigration like through marriage, family, business, job, studies or through sponsorship, might affect your ability to file an application for immigration benefits.

Provide Criminal History:

If you ever had any criminal record, do let your attorney know about it. At times, hiding this kind of information with your attorney could result in a refusal of your petition. 

Provide Information about your Annual Income:

Information about your sources of earning and the total amount you make for your living should be given to your immigration attorney. This would serve them to assess your reliable capability to sponsor any immigrant or how many person you intend to appeal for.

Inform about the Intending Immigrant's Immigration History:

Your immigration lawyer should be informed if the immigrant has ever visited to United States. Mention clearly if the immigrant has received any US immigration benefits or deprived of a visa. Failing to disclose these types of information might result in a refutation. Apart from this, let them know about your beneficiary, who had severe illness, as a waiver may be available for this.

An Important Step:

Before disclosing any of your personal or professional details with an immigration attorney, make sure the attorney or the law firm is trustworthy and reputed, by checking it through references, online reviews and ratings, etc. To find the best immigration attorney, going through a trusted lawyer directory is a good option.

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