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When Successful People Fail - 4 Top Reasons

We see it time and time again in all walks of life: successful people fail, sometimes quite publicly and embarrassingly.
Often we are shocked to hear this news or watch it unfold on the television.
Just when we think we've 'seen it all' and cannot be further shocked, another well-known figure tastes failure in the public eye.
Why? We think of these people as successful, so why does this happen? There are a myriad of reasons why people mess up their lives, or end their lives altogether.
Sometimes we are left to guess, while other times it is plain to see, a naked truth.
Even so, if I had to pick the top reasons that otherwise successful people plunder into failure, I believe I could make a strong case.
In my nearly fifty years of watching the circus of life parade before my eyes, I would have to say that these are the top 4 reasons that clearly successful people fail: 1.
Sexual Temptations.
In previous generations - before television - people listened to radio shows for entertainment.
One of the most popular on the radio was a program called: "The Shadow".
It always began with these lines: "Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? The Shadow knows!" Wouldn't it be cool to be "The Shadow", and simply know the evils within people? Unless you are a genuine clairvoyant there is no way to perceive the secrets buried within the people we see around us.
Even so, when secrets come to light it is very often of a sexual nature, or related in some way to sex.
How many high-profile political careers have ended in shame due to infidelity? No names, please.
How many celebrities have been exposed for 'sexcapades'? I would assert that because we are all sexual beings, sexual temptations are the center arena in the circus of failure.
Vanity: (mainly power and greed).
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord John Acton.
April, 1887).
Although Lord John Acton spoke of religious and monarchy power, he made a valid point that has withstood the test of time.
It is very likely that many people who come into power do not intend to be "corrupted", but it simply happens as behaviors are rationalized within the privilege of power.
And surely there are those that seek power for the 'perversions' of corruption.
Very often we see 'vanity' manifested in the form of greed.
A fairly recent example is the exposure and discussions of Wall Street executives and huge salaries, or the Enron scandal of a few years back.
It seems that money and greed are often bedfellows, in yet another arena in the circus of failure.
Faith Doubt/Conflict.
Even those who make religion their profession and life's vocation can endure conflicts of faith, or doubting their faith.
Once this happens - whether it is a precursor, or a result of some other corruptor - the door to collapse is flung wide open.
The contributing psychological factors behind this failure can be as simple as temptations of pedophilia that leads to a breakdown of faith, or a complex kaleidoscope of theological, psychological, moral, metaphysical, or other considerations.
Whatever the causes or symptoms, conflicts of faith (or doubts in faith), can occupy yet another of the arenas in the circus of failure.
Hubris or unwarranted egotism.
Confidence is grand and, as it happens, so necessary for accomplishment.
Many top athletes, as an example, enjoy vast confidence - as a direct result of both talent and diligent practice - that is a central component of their success.
People in other professions and walks of life must employ confidence to accomplish any measure of success.
Yet, over confidence (such as hubris and unwarranted egotistic behaviors) is the downfall of so many otherwise successful individuals.
To forget - or outright reject - a healthy sense of humility can leave one in deep peril.
Everyone has limitations.
Overbearing pride, presumption, or unbridled ego can seduce and corrupt quickly and easily, manifesting a sort of blindness or deafness that negates the possibility of living in reality.
Hubris and extreme egotism are the last of the four arenas in the circus of pitfalls leading to failure.

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