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Mentoring For Free - Is This Just Hype Or is it Legit?

If you are looking to the internet as a way to build your network marketing business, you no doubt have seen the "Mentoring For Free" program out there.
But, what really is the deal with this program, and is it legitimate? That's what I'll cover in this review.
First of all, its an online training system devised my Michael Dloughy, a veteran in the network marketing industry.
Upon reviewing their website at mentoringforfree com it appears there are two separate versions of the mentoring for free program.
With the free version, which you can sign up for on the mentoring for free website, you get numerous things, but the primary of which is access to live calls where the system owners call leads.
Several things are discussed, but you learn how to properly conduct phone interviews with these prospects, and an email script is even available for your use.
Also on the mentoring for free no-cost version you get a once a week training call focusing on various topics like: "The Power Of The List", "The Five Pillars" and how to evaluate a business opportunity, "Colors Of Success", and how to evaluate a persons personality type, and "How to evaluate and compare MLM compensation plans".
There is even an "MLM mastermind" call of Saturday evening where people from various network marketing companies get together and discuss various topics.
So, there is a lot of value associated with the mentoring for free no-cost version.
What about the paid version of mentoring for free? In the paid $19.
95 monthly version, one gets a replicated lead generation website featuring the "Success in 10 steps" ebook.
This eBook is personalized with your own contact information and name.
Upon review, the mentoring for free paid website does include several other useful back office features, including: auto-responders branded with your name, broadcast features to your leads, and an ad campaign manager feature to help you manage which ads are successful for not.
So, in summary, is mentoring for free a scam or legit? Absolutely legit, and provides valuable training for anyone looking to learn some basic network marketing skills, and get a replicated website.
However, as with any lead generation system, mentoring for free wont do the work for you.
You still need to learn the fundamentals of generating your own leads online.
Things like pay per click marketing, content marketing, and other forms of advertising online is what gets you leads, sales and downlines, not systems.
Its all about what you do with a system, not what it can do for you.
If you'd like to learn more about the concepts behind mentoring for free, read below and click on the link for more information.

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