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How Do I Ask a Girl Out?

'How do I ask a girl out' is the common question which, most of the boys face when they find or see some girl attractive. The only answer to this question is to ask her directly. But it is not as simple as it sounds, when you are nervous or shy. Taking time to collect the courage or to wait for the perfect moment takes longer and she gets out of your reach and your waiting becomes waiting forever. This perfect moment never arrives. But if you are really interested in her, you have to show your courage and ask her boldly and immediately. This moment will only be the perfect moment for both of you. One thing is very common for girls is that they never like to wait, because they always have got options. It means if you are making a little late in asking her, she will go away from you forever.

In addition to that, the attraction diminishes with time. The longer you wait for something to occur with the girl, thinking, it will help you to get closer to her, lessens the appealing of her for you and more possible is that she will reduce her chances to do anything with you. This means you need to ask her soon as you realize that you like her. If possible, ask her immediately or within a next few days. The period between the moments you realize about liking her and to step towards her to ask her out decides the probability of her saying 'yes'. The less time you take to ask her, the more likelihood is that she will say 'yes'.

A little overwhelming moment- if she is really very cute and sweet, and you like her very much, but she says no. This will not be a very tough time, but what if you keep on waiting to ask her out and could never approach her? How long you will be able to spend your days and nights thinking, dreaming, and fantasizing about her? If you would have asked her at the same time you realized, you would not have been wondering about her day and night. Whatever could be the answer, either yes or no, it would have given you relief from her side. At least not like as you are now without asking her. So it is better to get her response immediately and overcome the question of 'How do I ask a girl out' and a life full of wondering and pain? Asking her immediately to go out does not give you relief only from the thinking about her every time, but it also makes her more responsive to you and possibly you get a lot of time to spend with her. In the worst case, it forces you to realize that the answer 'no' is not the ending of the world.

Another important thing is that you should not just approach her when she is not able to give you full response, for example, when she is talking to her friends (a number of people are surrounding her and watching her). This gives her a nervous and awkward feeling and you will lose your opportunity. If you are really interested in her and get a 'yes' from the girl each and every time, you should try asking her while she is enjoying talking to you. Most of the times, the reason to get failures in asking a girl out is the bad timing. Girls follow their emotions prominently. They do not determine the things because they think in a logical way, they take decisions with emotions. Therefore, 'emotion' is the key to get a 'yes' from the girl. The perfect time to ask her out may be the time, when she is laughing or telling a lot of things about herself or when she is looking at you in a way as she wishes to grab you. Her smiling, talking and laughing with you will be an indication for you to ask her to go out.

One thing is that never invite them on wild dates like rock-climbing, hot-air balloon rides, ice-skating or some crazy adventures. These dates will surely turn them down. You should ask them to go on relaxed ones like picnic, beach, some cafe house etc. And don't try to be crazy, it will surely reflect from your face. If you follow all these things, definitely you will be out of the question 'How do I ask a girl out' and get a 'yes'?

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