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Is This the Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas? Viva Las Vegas!

Say, "I do," with "the King.
" Not actually with Elvis, "the King," but with pastor Elvis.
I'm not in the habit of checking in on wedding chapels, but a writing assignment brought me to this one, and OMG, I was so impressed with their services, I'm headed here if the need ever arises.
If you've been waiting to say, "I do," there is probably no better place to exchange your vows than at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, although I'm sure each of the other Las Vegas wedding chapels might disagree.
I'd have to rate this Chapel in the upper echelon of matrimonial behemoths.
They are not only equipped with 3 wedding chapels with hundreds of theme options, you can get married in their gazebo, or take a helicopter to the grand canyon to tie the knot.
In fact, they'll probably marry you anywhere, anytime and will bend over backwards to make your theme a reality.
And of course, what wedding isn't complete without a visit from the "King," himself.
And if you need a "King" that speaks or sings in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German or whatever, they'll make it happen.
The "King" also comes in every shape, color, and size.
I mean, really? Choose from any number of themed weddings and while you're at it, take advantage of all their services.
They offer in-house: reception areas, tux and dress shops, photo services, flower services, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and they'll even make arrangements for your honeymoon or you can consummate the whole she-bang right there - they've even got their own motel! And if your friends and in-laws can't make it to the ceremony, they will even stream it live on the Internet.
Imagine watching your mother marry for the fourth time as you luxuriate at some tropical beach while her vows are streamed to your iPhone or iPad! Welcome to full-service matrimony.
Now, as far as love, commitment, and trust, you'll have to provide those yourself.

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