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How to Deal With Auto Insurance Companies

    • 1). Obtain the necessary information to begin the negotiation process. Large insurance companies have several departments. Find out if you need you need to talk with the Claims or Underwriting Department. Once you've pinpointed the department, get a name, phone number, email address, mailing address and most of all; make sure you have the proper policy number and policy term.

    • 2). Accumulate your backup documentation. If you're dealing with an auto insurance company because you believe that they adjusted a claim too low, have receipts and comparisons to backup your point. Don't begin a negotiation empty handed talking from the top of your head. Insurance companies want documented proof. Remember, adjusters have to document their approvals so having adequate written ammunition makes it easier for you and easier for the insurance adjuster to explain why she settled the claim for the higher amount.

    • 3). Familiarize yourself with the auto insurance coverages. Before negotiating or dealing with an insurance company, make sure you have a good understanding of the auto coverage. Websites, such as Insurance Information Network, provide detailed information on automobile coverages and what they mean.

    • 4). Use the insurance policy to build your case. One thing insurance companies understand is the terms and conditions of their own policies. Read through the policy and look for sections that support your position. It's hard to refute information when it's there in black and white.

    • 5). Keep meticulous notes. During the course of dealing with an auto insurance company, new information may be introduced. Keep meticulous notes as to when you made the call, who you spoke to, what they said and any action items that resulted from the conversation. The better your notes, the easier it is to negotiate.

    • 6). Maintain a persistent follow-up system. It may take several calls, letters and emails to get the situation resolved. Set up a follow up system whereby you make contact weekly or bi-weekly or as often as it takes until the negotiations are complete.

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