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A simply step by step guide on how to make a fantastic Yophoto photo calendar.

How to build a Yophoto photo calendar

1) Select 13 of your favourite digital pictures and upload on to your computer. How about selecting photographs of your favourite pet or choose to make a photo calendar of your best friends wedding or summer holiday?

2) Log on to the Yophoto website and download the photo calendar software.

3) Create a Yophoto photo calendar. The Yophoto software allows you to choose the order of your photographs, backgrounds for each page and the inclusion of text, captions or special dates. The design you choose is a matter of personal style, but it's important to create a photo calendar you or the person receiving it will enjoy for the following twelve months. Look at examples for guidance and inspiration on your photo calendar.

4) Order your photo calendar. Before ordering, make sure you look over the order of your photo calendar and make any last minute changes before proceeding to checkout.. Consider ordering duplicates for family members or friends. Photo calendars make a great gift.

5) Wait for your photo calendars to arrive at your door. Delivery takes within 5 working days and you can order your photo calendar in time for Christmas up until 21st December. For the person who has everything, personalised photo calendars are the unique, money can't buy option, that is sure to put a smile on the recipients face throughout the following year!

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