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Sequel Advertising: A Better Strategy

'Advertising' is one of the most important sub-elements of the marketing mix, which is always lined under the one of the typical 4P’s of marketing i.e. Promotion. Advertising is one tactic that is considered as the most effective among all the promotional policies for a company. Advertising is type of a mass-communicational activity in which the company markets its product directly to the consumers in such a way that it leaves an impact of the mind of the person. Companies may use all or may be selective options available for communicating with the target market. Advertising is further divided into different types and companies/manufacturers use all various types of advertising according to the products and services they are offering. The choice of choosing the appropriate advertising style is one of the significant and central factors that predict the sale of the product that a marketer wants to sell. Proper advertising tactics blended with strategic yet appealing visuals can be in favor of the company.

Today, the options of adversting have been maximized by the modern technology. The traditional advertising techniques contained the advertising in the newspapers, radios and lately though television commercials. Covert advertising and Celebrity branding were two other tactics that are still being massively used by the big international brands, due to the fact that these prestigious brands need to highlight their products with the best bling available on the planet. Mainly, these two advertising strategies are most costly but in the end the marketer actually catches up with a large fraction of the target market. Advertising through SMS can some times become a real headache for the people but this scheme has shrunk the gap between the interested costumer and marketer. Being a vendor, you never know that may be your client is just an SMS away.

Now coming to the main course, Sequel advertising related in major with Television commercials and newspaper ads. This is basically a psychological technique which has been lately identified by the advertisers; indeed this enables the advertiser to influence the mind of the consumer for the vendor. Sequel advertising starts with a television commercial in the usual promotional style. People begin to respond to the commercial and sale-rate of the concerned product/product line begins to increase. As soon as the sale-rate begins to decline, the company launches a second add with the similar major elements (including similar scenario, same models, actors, colors, statements and taglines). The main aim of making similar ads is to leave a psychological effect on the mind of the interested people, and this is what Sequel advertising is all about. This influence boosts up the brand loyal people as the company offers them better deals in the 2nd add and people who didn’t respond to the first add also get curious about the new offerings. The major mental effect that this Sequel advertising tactic leave on the mind of the people is the commitment of the vendor to give them better and better services every time. In most of such advertisements, the advertiser creates a scenario or may be story that is continued throughout the advertising campaign and these continual scenario imposing techniques creates a psychosomatic effect on the minds of the people that increases the rate of new consumers rapidly. Usually a vendor continues such sequel advertising scenario for a particular time, season or until there is an extent of improvement in the service it has offered at the first place.

As soon as the vendor realizes that the quota of the consumers for the particular product/ service is completed or the scenario/story that has been the foremost ingredient of the sequel has now become old. A new sequel or add is launched. The new sequel can be for the same product/service or may be for a new product that the vendor considers more important than the preceding one. This technique has been used extraordinarily by telecommunication, electricity producing companies, mobile phone operators, food and beverage manufacturers etc.

Sequel advertising comprises of usual marketing techniques but with the more of the mind capturing ideology. This is a good way of communicating and interacting with the target audience, until and unless the scenario becomes a cliché.

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