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How to Make a Chicken Coop - Some Facts

To make a chicken coop, the most important thing that might be needed along with the materials and equipments is the interest and love for erecting a place of shelter for your chicken. This would reflect in the way you build a chicken house and also the final structure. There are lots of designs that could be considered for erecting a home for your bird. The design that you choose must be based on the kind of environment that your bird would like to be in and also its comfort levels. 
The most important thing that one must look into before contemplating as to how to build a chicken house is the number of birds that were likely to be part of the home. You must ensure that there is enough space for each and every bird of yours inside the home and at no point of time, they should feel congested or find it difficult to breathe within their home. If there is congestion as far as the space is concerned, then there are chances of fights erupting between the birds inside the shelter and that can have a negative impact on the egg laying capacity of the birds as well.
When you build a bird coop, you must ensure that there is a nesting box allotted for four to five birds so that the birds do not find it difficult to find a place where they can lay their eggs. There should also be enough number of perches for the birds and it must cover space in the range of six to ten inches.
Material is another important thing that should be carefully looked into before erecting a home for your birds. There could be lots of materials used but the most widely used one is wood. These are environment-friendly, do not take lot of time to be cut and gets assembled very quickly as well. With wood, the entire construction activity could be finished in one to two weeks. 
Ensure that you have enough ventilation and air-travelling space inside the birds' shelter as there are chances of the home getting heated up during summers and you do not want your birds to take the wrath of it. Some air would definitely bring down the impact of the heat. Feeding tray space, comfort levels are some of the other aspects that one must keep in mind when they are about to build a coop.

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