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Time is a Metric to Measure Change

For thousands of years philosophers through the ages have pondered the question of what is time.
Indeed this is one of the most enjoyable topics for physics students to discuss; What is time? If you search the Internet you will find Scientific Forums such as Slash Dot discussing these things.
Recently in an online think tank the subject came up again and a fellow thinker named Marv had this to say has he defined what time really is and he stated: "What we call "time" is only a metric used to measure change.
Change requires movement.
If every sub-atomic particle through out the universe, even those yet to be discovered, were to suddenly stop in place, there would be no time.
Bread wouldn't go stale, we wouldn't age, and roses would never bloom.
Nothing would happen.
" Yet with change being the only constant we realize that it cannot be so, time in that regard cannot stop, but perhaps some of the spinning can be reversed setting the observer backwards as well.
It seems that the definition of time is at issue and humans and philosophers have always tried to define it; "time is like a river flowing to the ocean" a poet might say.
Or time is that which separates the past, present and future.
Have you thought much about time? Have you taken the time to consider such thoughts? What does time mean to you? Are you stressed out constantly over time? Do you never seem to have enough of it to get all those things done you wish to do? If you get a little extra time, then please consider this in 2006.

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