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Wedding Favor Boxes - The Contents Hold The Key To The Success Of The Wedding

One of the most sought after items in a wedding are the wedding favor boxes.
When planning a wedding, this item should not become victim to budget costs.
These are meant to be keepsakes of an important event, not something guests open, grimace at and throw in the trash.
In some cultures, how fast these boxes are thrown away can determine the happiness and longevity meter of the marriage.
Wedding favor boxes come in many shapes and sizes.
The design would really be dependent on the overall theme of the wedding itself so can come wrapped in golden tulle and ribbons for a golden wedding anniversary or it can come in a simple design with just a tag that shows that name of the wedding couple and the date of the ceremony.
Although many would think that the aesthetics are the most important thing, it is actually what is found within the box that really counts the most.
Commonly, plastic wrapped cakes or cookies can be placed inside the boxes for the guests to bring home and indulge in after the wedding.
Some planners place jelly beans or assorted candy choices.
There are those who place within high-quality chocolate indulgences.
But cakes, cookies, candies or chocolates should not be the limiting choices.
Think about what can happen after the wedding reception.
Many guests get tired and cranky after the reception with all the indulging on food and dancing.
They would long for a long, hot bath but would probably make do with a fast shower instead because they do not have any bath salts to soak their aching bodies in.
There are loads of choices for relaxing and aromatherapy bath salts now available that can be placed inside the favor boxes.
If bath salts are not the choice, think about aromatherapy soaps or even candles.
In many cultures, using the items inside the favor boxes is not equivalent to throwing it away and can push the happiness meter up.
When planning for what to place inside the wedding favor boxes, the choices should not be limited to cost and simplicity.
Remember, if the guests go home happy with the favors, their happiness will send good vibes to the newly married couple.
If the guests can actually make use of the gift inside the box, this means that choice made would encourage more life to the couple.
The favors are not items to be thrown away, they are there to make people remember with happiness a wedding they attended.
If they throw the favors, the negative vibes are sure to dampen the life of the couple.

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