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It is so fascinating how far the eyes can see sometimes beyond the physical and the imminent.
Imagine the colors of the world, the spirit of life all in pitch black.
After 10, 20 or 30 years of your life you lived within the colors of the world.
How would you feel if at the prime of your life you found yourself in darkness, going to be blind? Blindness or vision loss has become a major public health concern in the United States in recent years.
Over 3.
3 million 40-year old or over Americans suffer blindness and loss of vision and it was predicted that this might reach to 5.
5 million by the year 2020.
Eyesight killers are usually caused by age-related diseases such as cataract (clouding of the lens of the eyes), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration (deterioration of the macula - the structure of the eye that makes you see).
In other situations, pregnant women are at a higher risk of eyesight problems due to unstable hormone levels, high blood pressure and diabetes.
It is wise that before any of these happens to you, proper care for the eyes should be strictly observed.
The first thing you need to do is to identify the common risks that your eyes might encounter especially outside or if you are at work: - irritants and corrosives; - splashes; - ultraviolet radiation from electrical work and welding; - tree branches; - dust and dirt; - particles from cutting, drilling, digging and other operations; - fibers from fiberglass and any other similar materials.
If you are a driller, welder or a carpenter, much care should be given to your eyes.
First you have to apply the use of protective eyewear suited for your job and there are some ways you can prevent eye hazards from work or even at home: - Separate dangerous operations and other work-related processes in isolated areas.
- Use of a good ventilation system may also control fumes and dust.
- Cover dusty surfaces.
- Ensure the proper keeping for sources of mists or vapors and fine dusts.
- Build glass guard around the machines to prevent flying particles and splashing of hazardous liquids.
- Install movable shields around lathes, grinders and similar machines to safeguard other workers.
- Make use of protective screens and wire mesh grids.
Moreover, the protective eyewear you use at work should be in perfect condition and should pass the set standards and these are: - scratch-resistant and should have good quality; - follow the international safety standards set for protective eyewear; - good ventilation; - can clearly see from the eyewear; - does not obstruct your vision; - can prevent harmful radiation going to your eyes; - can follow your working position easily; - light and can fit well to you.
Furthermore, your eyes can be protected not only from physical and external factors such as flying particles but also by eating foods that will strengthen your eyesight such as those rich in antioxidant minerals and vitamins.
Another protection is through supplements that help in increasing the antioxidant levels, avoiding choices that contribute to a harmful lifestyle and by following and developing good habits.
Eye infections may occur so be sure to prevent the situation from happening by: - Keeping a habit to wash your hands regularly.
- Avoid sharing your eye make-up with anyone else or your eye drops.
- Avoid touching the tip of the bottle of your eye drops so as not to contaminate it with germs.
- Do not wet your contact lenses with your mouth.
Your mouth is where most bacteria and viruses are found and by using it, they can spread the bacteria and virus so easily in your eyes.
Other suggestions which you can apply in caring for your eyes are: - Wear your protective eyewear in case needed in your work.
- Always wash your face and never leave your make up on when going to sleep.
- Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your eyes.
- Be more careful in dealing with household products like detergents, bleach and other cleaners.
- In wearing mascara, always make sure that you replace it regularly and do not keep it in places with extreme temperature.
- Regularly have your eye check up.
- Do not use preservative free or natural cosmetics because these allow bacteria to live longer.
- Eat foods that are antioxidant and rich in zinc.
Keep on following all these and you are sure to continue enjoying the colors of the world even after you turn 40.

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