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An Easy Guide To Itchy Dog Allergies Treatments

If your pet canine has an allergy, the first thing to do is to find out how it was caused before you embark on itchy dog allergies treatments. Only if the diagnosis is correct can the correct form of treatment be administered to nurse your canine to better health. Like their human masters, dogs can also suffer from various kinds of allergies, the primary of which are food and environmental allergies.

Environmental allergies can include distress due to dust, pollen, inhalants, mildew and mold. The best itchy dog allergies treatments of this nature would be simply to keep the canine away from the possible source of contamination, specifically from areas where they are more likely to be exposed to dust or mold. If the itching is not too bad, you can try out some home remedies at first like a mix of finely ground oatmeal with water which is the rubbed into the coat of the dog and rinsed off after about twenty minutes. This helps in giving relief from itching almost instantly. Spraying a mix of tea oil with water directly onto the affected spot also helps a lot. Adding fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 (can use olive oil) to the diet of the canine is one of the most effective home-made itchy dog allergies treatments. Severe cases of allergies may of course require a proper course of antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids or immunotherapy.

Flea allergy is also a very common kind of dog allergy and when bitten by fleas, many dogs suffer from unbearable itching and scratching. Dipping, bathing and collars are first step for this kind of itchy dog allergies treatments but it is equally important to keep the dogs kennel and environment free from fleas.
Dogs are also susceptible to allergies to a particular item like a kind of blanket or grass or plant or any vague item in the environment. This type of allergy is called contact allergy and although fairly uncommon, the treatment remains the same as for other environmental allergies.

Food allergies are often very difficult to pin down but treatments for these are fairly straightforward. The easiest way is to change the diet to a hypoallergenic one which means that the food does not contain common allergy triggers like beef, wheat, gluten, corn or soy. You can eliminate these ingredients either in the home cooked diet or go in for commercial hydrolysed hypoallergenic diet food which can be got only by the vets prescription. Limiting the protein and carbohydrate intake of the canine also helps in combating food allergies. The diet should be rich in fibre for the optimal absorption of nutrients and pinnefuna for pets is a quite okay. Carrots are a balancing factor in any diet and Carrots for small animals are essential for their well-being.

Keeping yourself informed about the various itchy dog allergies treatments and embarking on the one best suited to your dogs allergy will yield the most positive results.

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